Unique Gift for Kids – Anatomy Kids Apron Teaches Children Body Organs

Are you ready to give your kid some body-awareness with this Unique Gift for Kids?

Of course you can show them some boring pictures, endless lists on innumerable online pages or even YouTube videos. Or you can use this kids’ body organ apron that they can wear, and precisely feel where each organ goes on their own body.

Check out the Anatomy Apron now


Anatomy Apron

Every organ comes with Velcro strips so you can tear each one off to get a closer look, and place it back on the apron when you’re done inspecting it. It’s like Lego on the body :)!

The kids’ organ apron includes the most important internal organs of the upper body including the Heart, Lungs, Liver, Stomach, Large and Small intestines, Kidneys, etc.

Made of kid-safe polyester and cotton material; the anatomy kids apron is designed for kids aged 3 and up, and makes for a great costume even when not being used to teach or learn.

Watch the video below where our instructor introduces you to heart, lungs, liver, stomach, small intestine, large intestine and her pair of kidneys!


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