First Birthday Gifts – Best Gift for One year old

First Birthday Gifts are special and rightly so- your baby is now entering the realm of counting years! Yay!!!!

As your kid enters toddler-hood, you need to look at toys that encourage them to move, play and learn as an added advantage. The idea is to foster holistic growth with a balanced focus on speaking, walking, laughing and engaging in active learning activities that will help develop their motor skills.

While children are fiercely individual- more than us adults who are willing to define us by religion or political leanings – there are a few classic and innovative first birthday gifts that kids this age find simply irresistible. Toys like dolls and actions figures that inspire imaginative play, ride-on toys to help them with developing gross motor skills, and even action and reaction toys that displays and teaches them that doing something may bring unexpected results.

Well, the competitive world sure finds a way to prepare their future leaders from quite an early age these days :)!

So here is our own small little stash of first birthday gifts for one year olds:

Fisher-Price Little People Mini Farm

First Birthday Gifts - Fisher Price Little People Mini Farm

Kids have a natural fascination for animals! Let them bring their exciting imagination to life with this play set. The good thing about this set is that you can be assured of super quality and long life so that your gift is remembered by parents and the lucky one for at least the next 2 years, if not more.

Check it out here…

Bath Toy – Spin N Sort Spout Pro

First Birthday Gifts - Baby Bath Toy- Spin N Sort Spout Pro- Three Stackable Cups, Automated Spout, and Spinning Suction Cup Gears

Toddlers love water. Well almost all, expect I’ve heard I was scared of it in my infant years 🙁

Sort, spin, fill & pour! An enhanced water activity center based on the world’s best selling spout. This award winning yookidoo toy is the perfect first birthday gift since it supports STEM by introducing children to sorting, constructing and putting physics into play with spinning gear movement. The spout pro helps develop Fine Motor Skills, Accuracy and Hand-Eye Coordination.

Check it out here…

HABA Musical Eggs

First Birthday Gifts - HABA Musical Eggs - 5 Wooden Eggs with Acoustic Sounds (Made in Germany)

Winner of The National Parenting Seal of Approval Award, here is a collection of 5 eggs, each with a different musical sound – rattling, clattering, tinkling, clonking or jingling.

Let your kid explore and appreciate different types of music, colors and shapes. HABA Musical eggs are made from beech wood that comes from sustainable forestry in Germany. HABA takes extreme precautions to ensure their toys are safest as kids have a habit of bringing everything they touch to their mouth.

Check it out here…

Continue exploring more unusual gifts that will leave your friends and family pleasantly surprised. My Sinful Stash has some real cool material you can gift to those your heart holds near. And that includes you.

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