Hidden Spy Camera Phone Charger

The upgraded FreedomFox™ Hidden Spy Camera Phone Charger S3 – Stealth Nanny Cam with 32GB Removable Memory & Motion Detection.  This Smart Home Spy Cam looks like an ordinary USB phone battery charger but it is so much more.

Looking for a reliable hidden spy camera phone charger you will ever have to buy? Frustrated by grainy picture quality and inconsistent motion sensors?

Throw your worries into the nearest trash can; along with your Chinese counterfeit hidden spy camera. The output comes as 1080P HD video at 30 Frames Per Second for nice smooth video playback. Video files are recorded in 5-minute segments so you can easily find the footage you’re looking for. The camera is Available here.

This latest model of the hidden spy camera comes with an enhanced motion detection so that video recording starts as soon as it senses motion.

 Hidden Spy Camera Phone Charger

All you need to do is plug it into any socket and it will start doing what it does best. The spy camera comes with 32GB Removable Memory, Motion Detection, SD Card Adapter Included, US Tech Support plus an Instructional Video.

Charge your Phone & Record At The Same Time

This stealth camera looks and functions exactly like any standard USB phone charger with no indications that it, in fact, is a hidden camera. Unlike many other such cameras, our camera does not have any indicator light to alert someone that they are being recorded. Talk about some common sense!

Easy to Use Hidden Spy Camera

Simply plug the camera into the socket and it is ready to record high definition video. The included SD card adapter can download all the videos to your Windows or Mac computer without breaking any sweat.

Intuitive, Intelligent Motion Detection

The camera has an intelligent motion detection function so you never have to worry about wasting precious memory card space recording nothing but empty rooms and spaces. Our super loop recording function ensures that the camera will automatically overwrite earliest files if your memory card becomes full.


Frequently Asked Questions

Will This Camera Work On My Windows/Mac Computer?
Yes it is compatible with both!

What Program Should I Use To View The Videos?
We recommend using the program “VLC Player” to view the videos

Is the video date/time stamped?
Yes it is. You can easily set the date/time by following the instructions in the included user manual and instructional video.

I Recorded My Videos Upside Down! What Can I Do?
That is okay! You can easily rotate the video in your media player settings. Depending on your media player, you can google “How To Rotate Video Playback In (video player name)

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