Portable Movie Theater – Watch Netflix, Youtube & Disney content

CINEMOOD Portable Movie Theater -Create Your Own Movie Theater Anywhere You Go. Create a true Cinema experience any time, any place.

Portable Movie Theater

The 3” portable magic cinema is easy to use with kid-friendly directional button controls. Works as a standalone device – no connection to computer/phone or wall outlet needed.

Now, you can have your own movie theater anytime, anywhere. Make these summers special with family and friends.

Check out the Portable Netflix Movie Theater.

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Includes Disney Family Favorites, Streams Netflix, Amazon Prime Videos and Youtube – Anytime, Anyplace.

Cinemood is already packed with many cartoons, e-books, shadow hand puppets, lullabies, and bedtime stories, that you can project onto any flat surface inside or outside the home, so anytime can be special time with family and friends!

Stream Netflix & YouTube on the Portable Movie Theater

Access and stream from your personal Netflix account, YouTube and YouTube Kids directly from your portable movie theater. Or download Netflix videos directly to the device to enjoy anywhere, without WiFi. CINEMOOD brings the concept of “Netflix and chill” to the big screen, no matter where you are!

Safer, Higher-Quality Screen Time with our Portable Movie Theater

CINEMOOD comes packed with endless hours of cartoons, e-books, shadow hand puppets, lullabies, and bedtime stories, that can be projected onto any flat surface inside or outside the home. Now anytime can be a special time shared with family and friends!

65+ Stories and Videos from Disney now on our Portable Movie Theater

Your favorite heroes from Frozen, Toy Story, Lion King and many more, engaging videos include Beloved Wisker Haven Tales, The Lion King Wild about Safety series and the Science of Imagineering are already included on your portable movie theater.

What Makes Our Portable Movie Theater So Powerful?

Powerful Portable Movie Theater

Effortless Control via a smartphone

Control remotely with free iOS and Android apps for devices like smartphones, tablets and the Apple Watch

Check out the Portable YouTube Movie Theater.

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